1. Describe the picture below:

man playing guitar

2. Compare this picture with the first one:

3. Read the following list:

Shopping List
1 some cheese (cheap cheese); some tea (Chinese tea)
2 fifty biscuits; four fish
3 ten eggs (big eggs)
4 jam; apples and oranges; a cabbage
5 ten tomatoes (large tomatoes)
6 five kilos of veal (very good veal)
7 some strong string (long string)
8 four forks (small forks); spoons; cups; small paper plates
9 some good sugar; milk; coffee; a cake
10 pick up Jude’s blue shoes at the shoe shop;
two kilos of brown rice; a grapefruit
11 nuts; honey; half a dozen hot buns
12 one lemon; nine brown onions; flowers for the house
13 some paper for my mother’s letters;
collect Grandfather’s leather jacket from the cleaner’s
14 a girl’s shirt and skirt (size thirteen);
cold drinks (don’t get dry ginger); some good bread
15 eight small cakes and paper plates; some sausages for supper
16 some yellow roses for your sister
17 white wine (sweet wine); some ice
18 beer for Bob (buy it from the pub near here)
19 some shampoo for Claire’s hair; some pears
20 some tins of New Zealand peas, or frozen beans
21 fresh English fish from the fish shop
22 a toy for the little boy (a blue or yellow ball)
23 something for Mr. Smith (it’s his birthday on Thursday)
24 a small cheap television for the garage